For over a year my hands have broken out, ugly sores, breaks of skin, etc.  At times I had 4 to 5 bandaids on my fingers.   I wanted to hide my hands under my armpits! The dermatologist was puzzled, prescribed creams, twice.  Friends tried to help, suggesting creams and ointments that worked great for Aunt Sarah, or Grandfather on his farm, etc. Nothing worked.  I prayed, and others prayed, but my fingers  got worse.  It was difficult to do anything with my hands, cook dinner, button a blouse, hook a necklace.  At one time I thought it was the gels that were used on my nails when one day after a manicure,  my fingers turned beet red and itched.  We had to gradually let the gels grow out so my own nails could grow.  Mystery solved! But my fingers broke out again.  Then I hurt my back, so that the last few days before we left for our vacation week in Alaska, I didn’t work in the office.  Towards the end of the week in Alaska, my fingers amazingly healed!  Not a cut or sore in sight. I came home on a Friday, rejoicing that God had healed me.  At church we rejoiced, at my Bible study we rejoiced and praised God. Then Thursday of that week, my hands broke out again.  I had an appointment with a dermatology specialist the following Tuesday.  I’d cancelled the first appointment with him when my hands were healed as there was nothing to show him.  The second appointment he was able to see my hands at their worst. I was beside myself with frustration.   He studied them, heard my story of healing in Alaska, and then asked a simple question: “What did you NOT do in Alaska that you do at home?”  The only thing I could think of was that I didn’t work in my office.  The light began to dawn. I am a writer, I do lots of research, I run off reams of paper to review information and chapters to take to my critique group.  I handle….. paper!  Specifically computer paper.  The doctor suggested that I wear thin cotton gloves when handling the paper!  In my desperation I was willing to do anything and did that. Voila! My hands cleared up again!  As long as I use the gloves to handle the computer paper my hands remain normal.  Now my friends thought that was a hoot — a writer allergic to paper!  But not just any paper,  computer paper. Some chemical that is used in the processing of the paper.  I am down to my last ream of one brand and need to buy another box.  I may try another brand, but am wary of repeating the problem with my hands.  If any of you have had a problem with your hands breaking out, maybe this is your solution too.   I’d love to hear from you.  I may feel silly, but considering the alternative, I put on my little white cotton gloves!  Blessings, Diana