We all have favorite articles of clothing we hate to part with and men are known to hang on to things long past their normal period of use.  I’ve been in the process of downsizing, getting rid of unnecessary clothing and keepsakes, and of course eyed a few things of my husband’s that needed to be thrown out.  In this case it was a brown plaid cotton shirt, so old and thin that it was shredded in the back.  He wore it to tennis because “it keeps me cool”.  Any attempts to appeal to his sense of propriety failed.  Finally, I asked him one question. “If I came down to the tennis court in pants that had food stains on them, a blouse that was torn, my hair uncombed and no makeup, would you be proud to introduce me to your fellow players as your wife?”  He didn’t answer but I could tell the wheels were going around.  The next day, I was working in my office when he went by down the hallway with the offending shirt in his hand. I didn’t dare follow him to see where he was taking it, but when he went to walk the dog, I raced to the garage to see if it was in the laundry hamper or the trash.  It was in the trash! I breathed a quick Hallelujah, did my snoopy happy dance and went back to my office.  The shirt was not mentioned when he came back.  The defendant received it’s just desserts (the trash) and the case was closed.