Starting June 1st (this year) there will be a contest to name my book about Mary, Mother of Jesus.  The name, Mary, must be in the title and Whitaker House would prefer a short title.  The five finalists will receive an autographed copy of the book and the winner will be noted on Facebook along with a $25 gift certificate.  The contest will end August 31st. The book debuts in the fall of 2016 so the finalists and winner need to know their books will be available around September of 2016. As most of you know, publishers work 1 and 1/2 to two years ahead. Publicity will begin the first of the year so the title must be chosen by the fall.  Send title suggestions to:    Looking forward to hearing from my readers!

The summary may give you some suggestions:

Brief Summary

The Nativity story has been told many times, from many points of view. This is Mary’s story, told through her eyes. Familiar Scriptural scenes from the Bible, but from a the perspective of her humanity. How did she feel when she began to see changes in her body according to the word of the angel? How did both families react when she returns from visiting her cousin, obviously pregnant? Experience Joseph’s anguish at what he deems her betrayal, the whispering in the village and the humiliation of her parents who believe Joseph and Mary did not wait out her betrothal time. A tender scene after the angel reassures Joseph, his apology to Mary and their quiet marriage.  How and when did Joseph die?  When were her four sons and her daughter’s born? What was rural life in the small village of Nazareth like? Like the disciples, Mary did not really understand the mission of Jesus. She did not expect the crucifixion.  Only after the resurrection did they all fully understand. Mary was so young, perhaps 13 or14, and was given a monumental task. Yet her faith in her God never wavered. Her strength shines through as she walks through the pages of history, forever remembered as the mother of our Savior.