I greet the new year with a bit of trepidation since my birthday follows the holidays in January.  This year I will be 78 but I don’t feel different. In many ways I am so thankful to be where I am.

A great family, grandchildren graduating from college this year and others starting college. Children are doing well at their respective occupations; Karen and Joey – motivational classes for Rapport Training International; Steve and Krystn – dedicated nurses; Brett and Natalie – partners in Hinck Electrical Contracting; Stepson Mike as CEO of Miller Marine, and wife Vicky a corporate CPA.  There are no problem kids among the grandchildren and I take my hat off to the parents for that.

I can also look back on a great year, another book finished and in process for publication:  Mary, Chosen of God, which will come out between August and November before Christmas. This makes ten books written in the last seven years, for which I am grateful to God and to the publishers at Revell, Whitaker House, Total Recall Press, Redemption Press, and one e-book through Book Baby on line. What greater gift could I ask for than to see my writing dreams come true. When I think of all the years going to writer’s conferences, badgering editors, going to workshops and honing my skills as a writer, it all seems worth the time spent.

I have a great agent in Joyce Hart of Hartline Marketing, who believed in me enough to see me through the first book, and the books that followed. She has been my agent and friend for many years now. How can I put a big enough measure of gratitude to someone who believes in you like that?

At our family reunion, I discovered my youngest granddaughter, age 14, is writing stories and it blessed me abundantly. If she takes that path I will cheer her on unabashedly!

I’m not sure what my next writing project will be, but know that God will make it clear and give me my subject just as He has done with my other books.  I wait in anticipation but with peace, knowing His timing is always perfect.