This week a family member and his wife had to put down a beloved pet because the dog not only bit her 19 year old daughter, requiring stitches, but bit the ear of the puppy her daughter was protecting.  It is so hard to make a decision like this.  What is the right thing to do?  If the dog bites a person, will he bite again? According to a cousin who trains dogs, one of the causes for a dog to become aggressive is lack of exercise.  With all three family members working, the dog was in the yard, or when they were home, in his carrier in the house.  They lavished the dog with affection, he was never mistreated, but this was a dog with a lot of energy.  Many people, including myself, don’t realize this could be a problem.  If the energy has no reasonable outlet, the dog can become aggressive, mostly out of frustration.  I feel for my loved ones and their sadness at having to make this decision.  I have stood by the side of a beloved dog three times, all three occasions due to cancer, and talked to them and petted them as the vet administered the dosage that would put them to sleep. Though I had no choice, to save them from continued pain, it brought tears to lose an animal that had been part of the family for years.  So to my dear ones, I send prayers that God will comfort them and that the puppy that was saved will bring them much joy and healing.