The Story in the Stars


Diana Wallis Taylor    12/16

The heaven’s declare the glory of God

For it’s written in the Word.

God showed the redemption story,

Before ever voice was heard.

In the constellation VIRGO

We are shown the promised seed.

A virgin shall conceive and bear

A Son to meet our need.

The love of our Redeemer

Who died to take our place,

That man’s sin might be covered

By everlasting grace.

LIBRA, scales of justice,

A price that must be paid.

A cross endured, a sacrifice

Redemption’s purchase made.

SCORPIO, the conflict,

The serpent-bitten heel.

Yet heaven’s sword is wielded

Sin burdens to repeal.

SAGGITTARIUS, the triumph,

The dragon is cast down.

His evil plot is vanquished

As he’s denied the crown.

CAPRICORN, the goat,

Sent off to bear man’s sin.

Now in its place, the Lamb of God

Bids new life to begin.

AQUARIUS , the blessings of

The water of the Word.

We plunge beneath to rise again,

New birth is our reward.

PISCES, blessings held for us

To loose us from our chains.

The Righteous One, Deliverer.

No trace of sin remains.

ARIES shows the dragon bound

And cast into the pit.

Mankind’s millennial reprieve

The world with peace alit.

TAURUS the bull, God breaking forth

In wrath His fury poured

Upon the hoards of unredeemed,

The judgment of the Lord.

GEMINI, the Prince of Peace

Redeems His fallen world.

He leads out heaven’s armies

His banner waves unfurled.

CANCER, God takes back his own,

And gathers flock to fold

In Armageddon victory

As prophets have foretold.

LEO, Judah’s lion.

He roars in victory.

God’s cup of wrath has been poured out,

And you and I are free.

So as you view the heavens

With the stars all shining bright,

Remember that they tell a tale,

Of grace and love tonight.