I’ve lost two high school era friends to cancer, three ladies in my book club are gone, two to Alzheimer’s, and one to cancer.  Another long time friend is also dealing with Alzheimer’s.  Now my best friend tells me she is moving out of state to be near her son and his family. She has a unique low rent situation with church friends, but they are older and not well. Should something happen to one of them and their house  be sold,  she would be faced with having to suddenly find a place to live and she cannot duplicate her situation in San Diego’s rental market. In the state she is moving to, home prices are far less, and she has bought a cute little condo. I’m glad for her but sad for me. It is always hard to say goodbye to a friend. Yes, I know one day I can fly there and visit, but my husband is older and I don’t know what the New Year will bring.  Sometimes our lives seem like a series of partings. Our family moves, or neighbors move. We say goodbye to high school friends as we enter college and we go our separate directions. We say goodbye to a spouse, or a child leaving home for the first time, raring to get out into the world. Each parting takes a little piece of our heart. I wish my friend God speed, but part of me is having a pity party.