Putting on the whole armor of God each day can give us wisdom in situations we come across each day.  A couple of weeks ago I was taking a nap when I was awakened by a sound, a groan.  I went into the living room to find my husband on the floor between the coffee table and the couch.  I managed to get him on his knees and back on the couch. He felt he just tripped on something and seeing him all right, I went to my office to work on my latest book, due shortly.  An hour later, I needed to find him for a phone call and looked all over the house, back yard and back garage. I finally went to the front garage off the kitchen to see if the leash was gone and he was walking the dog.  He was lying on the garage floor. My heart stopped. He finally lifted his head and told me he couldn’t get up.  I called a neighbor to help me get him into the house and realized something more serious was going on. I called 911 and he ended up in the hospital overnight with a serious infection.  I brought him home and now he wears a life locket around his neck.  It gives him the freedom to go somewhere but know that if there is a problem, they’ll GPS him and have help in minutes. He doesn’t carry a cell phone or use a computer and as we all know, there are no readily available pay phones!  I’m glad I was able to remain calm to do what I had to do.  He is 90 now and it’s hard to see my active tennis player for years, a man who could hike up a mountain and not even be winded, a man who could do so many things and now he walks slowly, no more tennis or hiking. All of his fishing buddies are gone.  It breaks my heart, but I’ll help him do what he can do just as long as he can. I could write a book about his life, but he’s already done that. It’s called “Doing it Right.” (If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!)