Sometimes I think I write better when I am facing a deadline. When Whitaker House told me they had agreed to my latest idea, a book on Lydia, they had to give me a shorter time to write in order to fit it into their schedule. Back in October it didn’t seem like a problem, but then there was Thanksgiving and of course Christmas to deal with. No problem. Since I already had 17 chapters written it seemed that April 1st  was an easy target. Then one day I am staring at my computer and the mind is blank. No ideas, not sure where to go with this situation and a lot of chapters to go!  My solution is to take it to the Lord, and confess my lack of motivation, and ideas.

Would you believe God is full of inspirational ideas? I lay my problem before him and sleep on it. Sometimes He wakes me up in the middle of the night with a whole scene or a clear direction of where that chapter is to go.  I found it is easier to get up and jot down a few notes so I can remember in the morning, for I guarantee that if I let it go and just go back to sleep, it’s gone.  He’s my co-author and ghost-writer.

I had to lay my first book on the altar and let go of it, to get over an author ego trip.  He not only gave the book back to me, took it from being self-published to being picked up by a traditional publisher. To my surprise and amazement, He has allowed me to write 10 more books. As long as I know who is in charge and give Him the glory for any accomplishment, our partnership has thrived.