If any of you fellow writers are like me, you have files and more files. Some have to get another file cabinet to hold the “stuff” I look at my file for writing projects, and see story starts, poetry, manuscripts for books already published and a myriad of other items. All  of it seems very important, right? So what can I get rid of? Here’s what I did:

  1. Found old manuscripts for books already published. If info is printed on only one side and the other side is blank, I put it in a drawer for scratch paper.
  2. Condensed files, tossing duplicate copies. If I need copies one day in the future I can print more.
  3. Condensed folders with different story ideas into one file: “Story ideas”.
  4. Poetry that will never see the light of day was collected and put in a storage file. Made sure there were no duplicates of any of the poems.
  5. The Acknowledgements file reflects the fact that we all love warm fuzzies and pats on the back. Chose those that were most meaningful and original and disposed of those that basically said the same thing. It is not to disparage those who have taken the time to write, but if you’ve written several books that file can get pretty full.
  6. I keep notebooks, divided by topic, of information needed for a particular book. A great deal of it comes from the Internet. Much of this can be discarded. Keeping these is like keeping clothes in your closet with the idea that you might wear them “someday”.
  7. Files are alphabetized so when I need something, I can retrieve it quickly.

When my office is less cluttered, I find I write with a clearer mind. Less confusion