Don’t know how many of you saw this movie, but I saw it three times with different friends. What an inspiring movie! I hope every woman that saw that movie was moved to start a war room of her own.  I didn’t have a closet to convert, but made some changes in my office to give me a corner with my grandmother’s bedroom chair, a night table with a lamp and places for my devotional books. I can shut the door and have a place to be quiet before the Lord and pray. Each of us has to find our “war room” in our homes. Those prayers for our families and friends, our spouses, are vital and touch God’s heart. Some of the women in my stories went up to the rooftop of their houses to be alone with the Lord. Some, like the Lord, walked the hills or sought a quiet corner of the courtyard after everyone else was asleep. Some could only pray on their pallets, quietly lifting their needs to the Lord. Mary, the Lord’s mother, found quiet places to pray as she dealt with raising God’s Son. Her prayers were her strength and took her through a scene no mother should have to face; seeing her son die on a Roman cross.  We can pray all through our day. As a pastor once said, we may not be able to be like Mary, Martha’s sister, and spend a lot of time at His feet, but with the demands of our families, we can “Mary while we Martha” short prayers that reach the heart of God.