It is that unknown time, the sunset years. What will happen? What things will we be dealing with physically? God has His timetable for our lives and we live in an age of questions. My husband has always been very active. He’s played tennis since he was a young sailor. We’ve traveled all over, camped out, first with tents and then a camper. We’ve done a lot in 27 years. He’s always been very strong and capable. For him to reach the age of 90 and still be playing tennis was a milestone. Then the last of his fishing buddies was gone. He couldn’t do the repairs on his prize Mustangs that he’d always done. A year ago he sold his fishing boat, knowing it was too hard to take it out by himself anymore. Then an emergency abdominal surgery that laid him low; with a tumor in his colon, diverticulitis and pneumonia. Suddenly my strong man could not walk or hardly get out of bed. A colostomy bag and catheter took away his sense of privacy. I’ve seen him struggle to get from bed to a walker to a wheelchair and my heart goes out to him. I’m bringing him home from rehab and scrambling to get the house ready; take up carpeting, have the floors refinished, move furniture out and then back in again. There was workmen, paperwork, talking to social workers, doctors, physical therapists, nurses and finally caregivers. Bewildering, yet all through the process, I knew God was there; strengthening me, giving me wisdom, providing the right people to do the things I needed to do. Whenever I get frantic, I know I can go into my quiet corner and talk with my Savior and friend and He is there.  We will face what comes together.