Years ago, I read an article in a Christian magazine about a young woman whose grandmother had died.  Her grandmother had been a great influence on her life and now she was gone. The unique thing was that the grandmother used to give her shiny pennies when she was little. One day when she was wishing she could hear from her grandmother to know she was all right and in heaven, she looked down and saw a shiny penny at her feet. She picked it up and was reminded of her grandmother. Thereafter she began to find pennies in unusual places.  As I read the article I found myself wishing God would put a shiny penny in my path to remind me that He knows I’m there. It was silly, I thought, until one day I was walking across a parking lot and there was a shiny penny on the asphalt in front of me. That was years ago, and to this day I still find pennies in unusual places. The most recent was outside a Home Depot. I’d gotten some things and put them in my car. Then I remembered one more thing I needed. I went in front of the car and stepped across one of the plant dividers of the parking lot. I happened to look down, and there was a shiny penny smiling up at me.  I have a special pottery jar I put those found pennies in and it is almost full; a whole lot of reminders that God knows who I am, and that he cares about even a foolish prayer for pennies.