Ever found yourself in the dilemma of having to find a new church?  It’s not like you just pick a nearby church and that’s it.  When we moved back to San Diego after seven years in Northern California, I attempted to return to my old church where I’d spent over 20 years. But it was across town from where I now lived and through a friend I found a church just over the hill from us that I liked.  After three years there, a big upset in the staff caused my pastor to leave.  I stayed, not knowing were to go when I found my ex-pastor had a group meeting on one Monday night a month. That was great. I could remain where I was for now but have fellowship with familiar people on that Monday night.  That gathering turned into a church and I not only attended, but served on the board for 5 years.  It was like a family. I sang on the worship team and enjoyed the weekly fellowship. Then the pastor retired.  The little church we all loved, folded. Then the Lord led me to a Women’s Aglow meeting where I met another pastor and his wife.  Loved them at once and stayed with their church for 3 years in 2 locations. Then they moved to a community some distance  away. It was time once again to make a decision. My husband is not well and it was daunting to drive so far. Once again I was faced with a change in churches. God is good and I found myself back at another church over the hill where some of the people from the church that folded, attend.  The Lord gave me peace about the move and I’m settling in.  The writing has been put on hiatus for now, but I’m open if the Lord has another project for me.  For now, Lydia, Woman of Philippi comes out in October.