Had fun revising my poetry book, “Wings of the Wind” with White Glove Publishing through my agent, Joyce Hart.  Took out some of the poems and added others that had been written more recently.  The company that published the book before with all my friend Dixie Sampier’s wonderful watercolors, is no more and the book was expensive, even at my own cost.  No illustrations in the new book, just poems I enjoyed writing through the years.

Also, the musical, “Glorious” is now available through J.W.Pepper Music Publishing co.  It was a monstrous project. My musical friend, Carolyn, and I started the work like a deer in the headlights. We had no idea what we were tackling.  I’d written the play and words to the songs years ago, but needed someone who wrote music, since that is not my forte. Along came an old friend I’d lost contact with over the years.  We began to work together with me driving across town every Friday so I could sing the melodies into a tape recorder for her to work on. What was amazing was that after two years of this, she wrote the music I had heard in my head for so long, with no way to put it on paper.  I am forever grateful and as partners we are hoping the music will touch a church music director somewhere to take a chance on it. The songs are beautiful and I give the Lord glory for His inspiration.  It’s the last week of Christ’s life as told by the disciple Andrew and his wife, Rebecca. Any church music directors out there?