At a friend’s suggestion I attended a group at a nearby church. Surprisingly it was very freeing.  As I heard other people’s stories, it put my own in perspective.  It was good to be able to share and have people understand where you were coming from and know how you were feeling. To be able to talk freely and if the tears came, someone just handed you a tissue and waited until you were ready to talk again. As I listened to others, it brought up other things, incidents from the past that somehow were wrapped up in the emotions I feel today. When I wrote my first book, “Journey to the Well”, the Woman of Samaria, I had experienced some things in my life that enabled me to write her story with empathy and compassion. I knew how she felt. In this group I sense compassion and empathy. They know what I’m going through because they are experiencing the same things.  Good writers write from life. God has taken us through our deep waters so we can share with someone else.  Someone once said we don’t write because we want to, we write because we are compelled to. Stories have to be told, whether it’s our story or someone else’s that has touched our heart. I have written of my grief, and some would say it’s enough, but maybe there is a woman out there who can identify with me, and in reading my words, find comfort that there is someone out there who knows where she is and how she is feeling. Maybe she will find the strength in God that has sustained me these past months as we become fellow travelers on this unexpected road.