What an amazing way to share a new book. The publisher sends the book to a group of literary bloggers who read it and then do a review. Sometimes as an author we disagree with the blogger’s viewpoint. We want to “explain” what we wrote. Yet, in the end, each blogger has the right to their opinion. I’m happy that most so far have enjoyed Lydia, Woman of Philippi.  It was interesting looking into the dye business in Roman times and the process to produce the purple cloth. Once again, like Claudia, people want to know how I can weave a story about a woman in the Bible that appears so briefly. That is the fun of research and finding where your character fits in the annals of history. Lydia was responsible, with the help of the Apostle Paul, for starting the church in Philippi.  It began in her villa, but when Paul returned sometime later, it had grown to a sizable church, and probably was no longer meeting in her home. As a historical writer, the research is everything. When you have facts and figures and can “see” your main character in your mind, the story, at least for me, seems to write itself. Wherever possible, I hope to respond to each of the blog sites and thank them for reviewing the book.