On my bucket list was a little trailer, where I could go off to a nice campground or RV site to enjoy nature and write. At least that was my intention. I had the opportunity to buy a little ALine trailer at a good price and soon it was sitting in my driveway, waiting for my first big adventure. It was Thanksgiving weekend before I was able to finally go, so I made reservations at an RV park in Ramona, about 7 miles from where our family Thanksgiving diner was to be held. I’d read the directions for hooking up the trailer, but prayed that if I needed any help the Lord would send it. First problem was getting the trailer over the ball of the hitch. A neighbor came along and directed me. A nice gentleman walking his dogs told me where to put a pin. A man who turned out to be a lifeguard waved me over and told me my chains were dragging on the ground. He wired them up and went on his way. I got about a half hour from the house and realized I’d forgotten the pies and the mashed potatoes. My roommate was gracious to get them and drive up to where I’d been sitting for almost 40 minutes. That is a friend!! When I got to the campground, I was endeavoring to get the trailer unhitched when a nice gentleman came over and offered to help. He got me all unhitched and made sure the trailer was stabilized. Turned out he was the owner of the park. God certainly answered my prayer for help. It reminded me that He cares a great deal about all the little things in our life.