Had a interesting weekend at the RV park in Ramona, figuring out where to put things, including the dog. She got a warm bed in the car so she wouldn’t take up the whole floor space in my little trailer. The restroom with showers was across the road– great in the daytime, not so exciting at 2 in the morning in the cold. Oh well, life of a camper, right? I spent the free time reading and seeking some wisdom from the Lord. My friend Valerie, who has been staying with me and helping me through this transition time after Frank’s death, came up on Saturday for the chili cookoff. Sunday morning she helped me hook up the camper and then went on to a special church service where a friend, Alicia, an amazing concert violinist, was playing. Not surprising, Alicia’s father is Andre Previn. I hated not to be able to go too, but had to get my little trailer home. I got there safely but spent a half hour backing the trailer into the driveway. Then had to disconnect it from the car, clear it out and finally lock it up, an hour and a half in all. Finally, I sat down to contemplate my grand adventure and faced the fact that I was about 10 to 15 years too late to do this. Reluctantly I checked “trailering” off my bucket list and put the trailer up for sale. A road trip with bed and breakfast inns sounded really good to me.