When my husband and I returned to San Diego after seven years in northern California, I was invited to join a friend’s book club.  We are the Spiritual Life book Club and after twenty years, our numbers are dwindling. We’ve lost two to cancer, two to Alzheimer’s,  and one to take care of her husband who is in declining health. Our ages range from the youngest at seventy to two who are in their nineties and going strong. The rest of us have all reached the 80 mark and a few years beyond. Over the years we have read a motley variety of books, from novels to non-fiction and biographies.  Some have been great reads, some I couldn’t get past the second chapter.  They have read all of my books and given me great critiques. I go to discuss the current book but mostly because I enjoy my ladies and look forward to seeing them each month.  We are a traveling group, from China to Iceland and various countries in between. How wonderful that we are still able to do these things. I would encourage some of you who are widows or living alone to start a book club and you might be surprised where it leads.