In past years I used to drive up to my oldest son’s in Simi Valley, the other side of Los Angeles. It usually took about 3 hours with the traffic and was a very taxing trip. Then my son suggested I take the train. The Coaster goes up the coast for quite a ways before turning inland. After the ocean views, the industrial areas aren’t a feast for the eyes. However, traveling business class, I sit in the upper deck, with coffee, tea, apple juice and muffins available. Plus, they come around with bags of snacks, bottles of water and wine.  It beats driving in the stop/start traffic.

It’s fun to watch people on the beach, enjoying the sun, the surf, walking their dogs or even just walking along the edge of the water to let the sea was over their toes.  I remember a poem I wrote once while at the beach.

Beach Walk

The warm sand squishes between my toes
And the sharp, tangy scent of the seaweed,
Mingled with the salty gusts from the ocean,
Tingles my nose.
Young bodies in bikinis,
That barely cover,
But don’t really cover at all,
Broil themselves overeasy,
Their smooth skins glistening from the oils.
They seem oblivious
To the perusal of those around them,
Yet covertly glance
To see who watches.
I stroll nonchalantly on the beach,
And pull in my stomach.
I’m conscious of my sore legs
From the walks in the sand, And
Try not to be envious.
It doesn’t matter that I’m not
As young as I used to be,
Or does it,
On this warm, come-alive day.

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