Years ago, I felt led to write a play. I called it “Glorious” and it was the Passion Week as seen through the eyes of the disciple, Andrew, and his wife, Rebecca. I wrote the words to 13 songs but then I was stymied. I heard the songs in my head, but since I neither read or write music, the task was to find someone who could do that. One day I reconnected with a friend I hadn’t seen for around 15 years. She was divorced with four boys to raise, I was divorced from an alcoholic and had three children to raise. We just lost touch. As we lunched one day, catching up on what had happened in the intervening years, I mentioned the musical I’d written 10 years previously. Musical helpers had come and gone and it languished in a file cabinet. To my astonishment, she shared she had gone back to college, gotten her degree in music and was now teaching piano. Then, to my delight, she told me she’d love to work with me on the musical. She lived across town from me but every Friday morning I went to her house, sang a song into a tape recorder and let her work on it during the week. I paid her, since it was her time, but when I saw the work that went into one song with the Sibelius program, where every note and mark had to be clicked in one at a time, I made her a partner. It took us two years for her to write the music; a prelude, orchestration for nine instruments, and the music for the songs. From the idea of a simple musical, it became a behemoth; a major work. As Carolyn wrote the music, I realized she had written the music I’d heard in my head all those years. I was overwhelmed. Then there was the problem of finding someone to publish it! Some companies wanted to see a video, but both our churches were small and didn’t have the singers, let alone the orchestra. A company in Australia signed a contract with us, but eventually folded. Then JW Pepper picked it up, but uploading it the way they wanted it was overwhelming and I don’t think we ever felt like we got it right. I know God gave that beautiful music to us for a reason and I need to trust in His way. A church across the country is looking at it and I’m praying. I want to see it debut while I’m still around. If anyone has any ideas, I’m open!