It’s exciting to finally start on another book, this time on Esther. There have been other books about her, so consider how I want to portray her and what voice I’ll give her. As I did with “Mary” I felt it had to be through her own eyes. I’m deep into the Persian Empire but finding some of the accounts differing greatly. Some say it is just a Jewish novel, some say she didn’t exist, some say she did. Some say she had a son, others say there is no record of any children. The age she married the king differs also, from age 14 to 24. I suppose it allows a lot of room for the creative muse to have full sway. I want to be as accurate as possible as I endeavor to be in all my books. Who do I believe? One friend said to just use Wikipedia. Sigh. Are they right? Perhaps she lived and perhaps she didn’t. Since her story is in the Bible, I choose to believe that she did exist. It’s a tale of good verses evil. The young queen wins and the evil Haman gets his just desserts. The story is the stuff good novels are made of. It has been observed that God is not mentioned in the Book of Esther, yet He is there in the pages. When the Jews fast, it is a given that they also pray to Adonai, the reason for fasting is to petition His intervention in a great need. I will pray as I write and the Holy Spirit moves my fingers on the keys.