Every Monday night a few of us ladies who are now widows gather at a friend’s home for an evening of games, Aggravation, Mexican Train, Banana Grams, or a movie. It’s something to look forward to each week and we enjoy one another’s company. I can always find things to do around the house, errands to run, but it’s the fun element that is sometimes missing. Frank liked to travel and we made 19 trips with Road Scholar, a senior travel group. That doesn’t count the three or four trips we took with other travel companies, and the dozens of fishing trips to Alaska. I’ve seen Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Germany, Italy, Paris, Israel, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. Road Scholar is a good group for couples or singles. If you are single and request it, they will assign you a roommate and the programs are so well planned that you don’t feel you are doing things by yourself. My first trip alone was to the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach for 3 nights, learning all about her history and touring the ship. Then we sailed by catamaran to Catalina, where we learned the history of the island and saw the casino (now a theater) the huge ballroom, where 250 couples could dance to the tune of the big bands. We toured the Wriggly Garden with a naturalist and learned about the various succulents and plants native to the island. Lest you think it was all educational, I grabbed a couple of other gals and we went ziplining. They loved it and so did I! Looking through the Road Scholar catalog, I found another trip that was just up my alley; a very busy week visiting the Getty Museum, the Ronald Reagan Library, the Channel Islands, two missions, and the Rose Parade in Pasadena. Guess I’m not ready to watch the grass grow yet!