This month it will be a year since Frank died; a long year, full of ups and downs. I look at his pictures and see a man full of life, capable, athletic, a man’s man, and now he is gone. He just doesn’t exist anywhere except in my thoughts and memories. I miss him greatly, but am forging on, getting bolder about stepping out on my own. I spent a day in Seaport Village by myself, a little community of shops by the bay. I browsed in shops, bought some small items, took the Seal Tour in a converted amphibious boat, and had a wonderful salmon salad and a glass of Muscato at a small table by the window where I could watch people walking by and the boats on the bay; a very satisfying day. I was emboldened the next weekend to go by myself to Old Town, the Historical part of San Diego. Once again, I browsed the shops in my leisure, poked around the museums, and ended up with a taco salad and a virgin (no alcohol) Piña Colada. This was fun! I planned this weekend to go to Balboa Park and explore the small international houses where many countries are represented, and also take in Spanish Village, a series of artist’s shops and galleries. That morning I stubbed the little toe on my left foot on the foot of my stationary bike. Yikes! So much for an excursion! I could hardly walk around the house let alone Balboa Park. Oh well, another weekend. Then there are the museums, the Wild Animal Park, the zoo: lions and tigers and bears, Oh my!