I was at a retreat and in my free time, wandered through the rose garden at the monastery where the retreat was being held. There were beautiful flowers all around me and their fragrance was a delight. I picked up a seedpod that was lying on the ground. All the little compartments were open, all the seeds released. I wondered if I was like that seedpod. Do I give all I can or do I leave some compartments closed? The seeds cannot take root from a sealed compartment.

What seeds does God want to plant in my life? What seeds have I planted in the lives of others? Those seeds released, grew into beautiful flowers that give pleasure to the eye of the beholder. I think our children are like seeds that we nurture and water and finally release into the world. We hope that we have tended them carefully and they blossom into what God has called them to be. When we deal with problems, addictions, attitudes, we wonder, did we water them enough? Did we encourage them enough? Many seeds are released from unhealthy seedpods. There was no love, no nurturing. Mistakes were made, hurts were inflicted; yet the God who loves us unconditionally takes our mistakes and failures and turns them into something beautiful. Children, who came from a difficult childhood, grow up into leaders. They rise above past circumstances to make their mark in the world and chart a path for others to follow. My children grew up with an alcoholic father, yet one son is a nurse, the other an electrical contractor. My daughter represents a business training company that trains employees and CEO’s of major companies in leadership qualities. I am grateful that those seeds were released into the world to make it a better one.