It still amazes me that I have as many books under my belt as I have. I’m on my 8th Biblical Fiction book, this time again for Whitaker House. It seems a long time since I haunted every editor I could waylay at conferences to promote my first book, Journey to the Well (the Woman of Samaria). At one conference I got requests for 11 proposals. I was elated. Then every one of them tanked! Ah well, try, try again, right? It took 10 years. Journey was finally published by Revel (Baker Books) in 2009. Through the years, several have won awards and I’ve been a finalist for the Carol awards. God is good. He’s my inspiration and co-author. Time after time when I’ve hit a snag or have not been sure of the direction I wanted to go, I wake up in the morning and the path is clear. The ideas come. I know many writers use story boards or outlines, but I just start writing and the story comes alive in my mind. I follow where my characters lead and by the end of the book I know them like old friends. My present book is coming to life. I visualize the people I’m writing about and imagine how they would react to certain situations in keeping with their character, how they would stand, gesture, look, etc. It makes writing fun and exciting. Recently I received an opportunity to write a story for a well-known Christian magazine. I won’t say any more until it is finalized, but it’s another step in the fantastic road the Lord has given me to walk in my later years.