From my posts and blogs this past year, it is evident that I am a widow now. That seems to be like catnip to a cat to aspiring interested parties. My Facebook page has come alive with “friend” requests from nice gentlemen, who amazingly all seem to be widowers. I’m torn between not wanting to be unkind and not wanting to be bothered. It seems one also needs to be wary of persons who are “phishing.” Their profile shows no information and those who are their “friends” are not from this country. Delete them immediately! I did respond accidentally to one request, a picture of a child. I asked how old they were, anticipating a response of age 10 or 12. I do love to correspond with aspiring young writers. The answer that came back was 56! There followed a suggestion to get “better acquainted” and more. I finally had to delete and un-friend the person to stop the conversation. This goes against the grain, as I don’t wish to be rude to anyone. My first marriage was to an alcoholic and it was a difficult 21 years. Three children and a divorce later, I was wary. Then, after 9 years of being a single mom, my retired Navy Commander came along; 6 feet tall, Paul Newman’s blue eyes, very trim, and handsome. We were married 27 years. Now, at the age of 80, I’m a widow and a grandmother and getting used to a new way of life. I’m sure the gentlemen mean well and are good people, but at this stage of my life I’m enjoying traveling and alas, more apt to hit the delete button than the accept. If God want’s someone in my life at this point, He’ll let me know. I’m not lookin’.