Shopping is not my favorite thing, but if I see something that really takes my eye, I’m apt to purchase. I do have a rule on clothes. If I bring three items home, three old items of clothing go into the box for the thrift shop! The last two years I have been downsizing and it helps to have that box in the garage where I can place something I’ve found around the house I don’t need anymore. It’s amazing, when you ask the Lord to help you clear things out, you look at something that seemed so great at the time and it now means nothing. Into the box!! When the box is full I take it down to the thrift shop and hand it over!

Yesterday I was in the thrift shop where I substitute occasionally and saw a beautiful secretary desk. It was like one I gave away to a needy family when we lived in Northern California. The price was unbelievable, very reasonable, and I get a discount, soooooo, I bought it. We got it in the back of my car and then at home my roommate, Valerie, and I wrestled it into the spare bedroom with the help of a cart. Now she can open it up to work on her scrapbooking and doesn’t have to use the card table that took up so much space in her room. Now I have to sell the old dresser and nightstands, which I didn’t like, to pay for it. Justification???

It’s amazing how many knick-knacks we can accumulate, so cute, or pretty but unnecessary. I brought home a beautiful pink fluted glass bowl from our TOPS auction and as I carried it into the garage, it slipped out of my hands and smashed into a million pieces. Guess I didn’t need that extra bowl either.

Purses are another thing. I was always looking for the perfect black purse and ended up with 5 of them. Time to sort and toss a few in the box. I’m not a big shoe shopper. With a size 7.5 D width, I have a hard time finding shoes that fit. Forget the cute shoes in the catalogs. Even when they say “wide” sizes, they don’t fit. I have to try them on in a store.

Then there are photos. How many of us have boxes and boxes of photos we just had to take? In the days before cell phones, I actually used a camera. I spent two days going through them. There is a box for each of my kids and Frank’s family. As I find one that pertains to each of them I put it in the appropriate box. If I don’t know where the picture was taken or who the people are in the photo, I figure my kids won’t know either when I’m gone. Tossed a lot of pictures! Now we just have to sort through our phone and delete the ones we don’t want. Progress!