My husband and I made 19 trips with a group called Road Scholar, a senior travel group that has adventures all over the world. We had a lot of fun adventures both together, and when I took a grandchild on one of their intergenerational trips. On five of those grandchildren trips, we explored Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, and river rafting down the Grand Canyon. Frank and I also took other tours. I think of the trips to Catalina on La Vida, the 48 foot Grand Banks Frank skippered for a wealthy lumber company owner from Phoenix. On top of that we must have made over 20 trips to Alaska together, and he went on an extra trip there each year with a group of buddies. Unfortunately, as the years went on one after another of his friends had to drop out or passed away. He was looking forward to a last trip to Alaska with his son, but health precluded that. There was no way he could go in his condition. It was sad to see him wrestle with that fact. He’d always been athletic, playing tennis up to the age of 90 even. It stood him in good stead, but at 91 he lost the battle. I go through pictures of our various trips and savor the memories of all the places we went to.

After Frank passed away, I missed the fun of travel. That’s where I went back to Road Scholar. Their programs are so well planned, fun and safe for single women. I ventured out the first time alone with a trip to the Queen Mary and Catalina. Since they ran out of roommates, I had a stateroom all to myself. Rough. In Scotland I went on my second Road Scholar trip with my daughter, Karen, and we had a great time. Recently I went to North Carolina to learn about the Cherokee and Appalachian women. It was held at a beautiful historical hotel. This time I had a delightful roommate and we shared a fun week. That was so successful I’m planning another local trip to Ventura in December where we will explore the Getty Museum, the Ronald Reagan Library, two missions and the Chanel Islands. The week is topped off with grandstand seats at the Rose Parade in Pasadena. Haven’t been there since my kids were little. Guess I better keep my suitcase handy!