My car was damaged in an accident. We attempt to drive carefully but even so, it happens. I was heading down a residential street in Ocean Beach and another car was making a u-turn. He had nearly completed his maneuver when I approached. Since he was stopped, I assumed he saw me and was waiting for me to pass before continuing. Evidently not. He was putting his car into forward gear. As I began to pass him, he stepped on the gas, ramming me in the driver’s side of the car. Since both doors have to be replaced due to all the wiring, etc., I had to get a rental car, and make the trip to my son’s this weekend in an unfamiliar car! His insurance company is still trying to decide if they will accept responsibility, while my company, USAA has already determined that he was at fault. Such a hassle and not something I needed at this time of the year. The other driver reported that I was upset (well, he just banged into my car!). Did the gentleman think I would not be upset? Also, when unlocking the glove compartment to get my insurance and registration paperwork, I discovered that my small portfolio containing those papers had been removed. I haven’t opened it since April when I put in the new registration. Someone knew how to open it with the key hidden in my key fob. When it was taken I have no idea. That upset me more than the accident! In his behalf, he did turn out to be a Christian, and prayed with me. However, I realize he doesn’t want his insurance agency to charge him with the accident, which might up his insurance, and neither do I. I’m relying on USAA who stated he was clearly at fault. I can only pray the Lord will resolve it in a good way and I can have my car back soon!