The Road Scholar travel program my husband and I used over 19 times is an ideal venue for singles. The trips are well-planned and the other participants with rare exception are congenial and share other trips they have taken. I’ve done many day trips around town by myself this last year and anticipate taking in the Wild Animal Park when school is back in session and the weather is mild. Most of the time I enjoy going at my own pace. This last trip had mostly couples and even my roommate, traveling with another couple she knew well, was nice, but not always available. I found myself very aware of the fact that I was alone. Emotions rose up that I thought I’d already dealt with. God has always been there for me and I can reach out to Him for strength when I need it, yet it would have been nice to have someone to share the different adventures with. Frank and I traveled so much, he loved to go. 20 Road Scholar trips and over 40 trips to Alaska to fish. I learned that one of the couples at dinner are planning to get married soon. They told me they met on Zoosk, a dating site. She had been married 44 years, then a second time for five years, both husbands passing away. She decided she didn’t want to eat alone anymore. From the site she dated 25 men and he dated 12 women before they found each other. I am glad for them, but that prospect tires me out! At the age of 81 I’d like a friend, nothing more. I don’t care to get married again. Sometimes my thoughts go back to Phil, a gentleman I met at my church years ago. He was very nice and interested, but I was in love with Frank and he went to another church where I learned he eventually got married. I wished him well and hope he has had a happy life. Beating the bushes for a husband or companion, via these dating sites, doesn’t appeal to me at all. If God wants me to have a “friend” He can put him on my doorstep! Years ago, my fiancé and I broke up and I was vulnerable. My girlfriend, trying to cheer me up, talked me into answering some ads in the singles newspaper. At her insistence, I reluctantly chose five. The first four were a disaster and I couldn’t wait to wish them well in their search and I was out of there! The fifth man I almost cancelled, but glad I didn’t. It was Frank. We went together five years and were married for 27 years. Those memories are enough.