Days like Valentine’s Day are hard on single women and widows. The store windows and commercials are full of what you can buy for the lady in your life. My valentine has been gone a year and a half. It seems longer. He used to go to the swap meet every Sunday and bring home a dozen roses from a vendor there. Now, no more roses. No more cards saying, “I love you.” Other holidays I can spend with family or friends, but not this one. Somehow it relates to couples, whether married or just going together. It’s all about romantic dinners, walks along the beach, flowers and candy. I once went to a nice restaurant in La Jolla with a girlfriend when we were both single. She commented on the atmosphere and I agreed it was great ambiance. She commented on the beautiful view of the ocean from our table and I agreed. She sighed and then said, “So why am I here with you?” She wasn’t being nasty, as I knew her well, she was just bemoaning our present status!

I have a box of cards Frank gave me over the years. Think I’ll pull out a few valentine cards and put them on my dresser. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.