A friend and I went to Denny’s one evening for our favorite chicken Caesar salad with avocado and bacon. A big calorie counter, but thankfully we split it. While we were there, about 65 students from the local college came in from some sort of a music program. They seemed like a bunch of good kids. However, the girls (in my 81-year-old mind) seemed to be outdoing themselves in seeing how much flesh they could show and still be reasonably modest. Dresses barely covered their derrières, tops barely covered the two essential items, and one girl at the next table was amply endowed and showed a great deal more than she needed to. I don’t think there is anyone more interested in sex than a teenage boy. It’s a time of high testosterone, a normal part of the growing process. I wonder who the girls are trying to impress, the boys or each other. The girl at the table across from us seemed oblivious to how many covert glances went to the large V in her dress. I know it’s the style of the day, yet when I pass young girls in the mall who are wearing the short shorts with some of their bottom showing, I shake my head. They can’t see themselves from the rear but the boys do! Then there are the yoga pants that show every curve and bulge. They require a firm derrière. However, I nearly choked on my latte when a male friend next to me observed a young girl walking by and shook his head. Oh my! Lions and tigers and bears!

I wouldn’t begin to try to buy an outfit for one of my granddaughters…just as they couldn’t buy something that I would wear. A young friend of mine who had a boyfriend in the service…a really nice young man, dressed to go out with friends. She is a beautiful girl and has a cute figure. Her outfit showed off all her attributes a little too well. I wondered how her boyfriend in the service would feel about that. 

Looking back, parents rolled their eyes at us in my teen-age years also. Adults always think the current generation of young people is hopeless. We used to roll over our jeans with the car and do other things to make them look worn, but when they got holes in them, we threw them out. Now the more worn holes in the jeans, the higher the price tags. I even visited a church recently to please a friend. The pastor was wearing jeans with frayed holes in both knees and a sports jacket. Are these merchants on to something?