At my age, 81, I started thinking of what my kids would have to sort through when I leave this world. One can sure collect a lot of stuff! Things from my grandmother, my mother, the high-end thrift shop where I used to work, estate sales, yard, and garage sales. Whew! My daughter loves family heirlooms and has my mother’s set of Havilland china for 12; my father’s set of crystal wine and water glasses and other things that belonged to my grandmother. My oldest granddaughter loves teacups and she’s received several over the years. I also packed up my elephant collection and my daughter put it in storage for her. I had boxes of family photos, all supposed to go in albums eventually, but still in boxes. I spent several days sorting them into boxes marked for each of my three children and my stepson. When I was finished, I mailed the boxes to each of them! That chore done, I started going through the kitchen for items I haven’t used in years. Into the thrift shop box with them! Books I’ve kept for years (not Frank’s) have been sorted and boxed for the library. I had an abundance of clothes and a few years ago I had a good friend come over to help me sort them. “Outdated, not your color…” etc., and we filled three green trash bags! They went to the Salvation Army that day so I wouldn’t be tempted to take anything back. Since then I have a rule. If I bring home a new sweater, an old one goes in the thrift box. If I buy pants or tops, the equivalent goes in the box. Makes me think of what I want to get rid of and if I really need this new item! The other day I went through my office and tossed old manuscripts (that are now in printed books) old notebooks of information for the different books and put the notebooks in the thrift box. My son is having a neighborhood yard sale event in April and I’m saving some neat things for that. Also, after stubbing my toe on the stationary bike in the den for the umpteenth time, it is going to the sale! I don’t use it. I’d rather walk in our neighborhood. Shoes are another thing. When I was traveling as a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries for a few years, I needed dressy things. Some of those heels haven’t been worn in years. It is amazing what we have tucked away in closets and drawers for that “some day” when we think we will need it. The rule of thumb I was told: “If you haven’t used it or worn it in over two years, get rid of it.” Now what have I not tackled…?