Too much of this! For an example, the other day there were 12 pieces of mail. Two were advertisements and 10 were from charitable and political organizations, all asking for money. Some had the gall to suggest a minimum donation of $100!! They must think my last name is Rockefeller! Then there are the gifts of notepads, calendars, name labels (I must have enough name labels to do me for 10 years!) and of course the nickel, quarter or 50 cent piece glued to the return page. Some have even enclosed a dollar. All guilt trips to suggest you send a donation back. My rule of thumb? If it is something I have not ordered, I do not feel an obligation. Any money goes in the offering plate, and I am happy to use the note pads and name labels, that is, if I need any more. Some companies used to send name labels to my husband, (a very masculine ex-navy man), that had butterflies, flowers, etc. on them. His name was Francis, but it never seemed to occur to these people that Francis spelled with an “is”, is a man, and Frances with an “es” is a woman. He just snorted in disgust and tossed them. I keep sending back the response portion of mail still addressed to my husband with a note he is deceased. Doesn’t seem to make a difference, they send more anyway. Well, we have a large recycling bin. I have several charities; an orphanage in Tecate, friends in YWAM who are missionaries, an orphanage in Guatemala where I went for my one and only mission trip, and two Christian legal organizations who come to the aid of people who are being persecuted for being Christians. I send what I can, but my budget cannot take on any more. As long as these organizations keep sending mailers, I’ll keep filling the recycling can!