Taking on a contract means a deadline, a date by which that manuscript has to be to the publisher. Along with the excitement of starting a new book and creating my characters, is the idea that I must get so many words done by such and such a date. Most of my books are around 92,000 words. This last one, about Abigail, for Guideposts, had a limit of 55-60,000. It was harder to meet that goal! I wondered why. There wasn’t a lot of information about my main character and at one point in the Bible, Abigail and her son by David, Kiliab, are no longer mentioned. I had to re-think her relationship with David and take a little liberty with my poetic license. My daughter, Karen, was invaluable in critiquing for me. She was spot on with finding areas that needed to be clarified or enlarged upon. The person who usually edits my books for me, Vicki, is still in Ohio, having broken her shoulder in three places and had surgery. She said her arm and hand were numb. Then her mom began having health problems and at one point was in ER. I figured she had her plate full and I would have to pass on her expertise due to the deadline I was facing. Fortunately Karen was willing and took the time to really review the chapters. I’m glad she is not the kind of person to just pat me on the back and say, “nice story, mom.” She tells it like it is, for which I am extremely grateful. The manuscript has been sent to my editor and I await their suggestions, etc. Now, I find I have time on my hands and contemplate my next project. This would be my memoir. Not just a biography. I’m not a famous person, but my mother and grandmother were into the occult when I was growing up and those associations greatly affected my life. Now that persons who would have possibly felt uncomfortable with these revelations; my mother, grandmother, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousin, are now deceased and I feel God telling me it is time. With much prayer and anticipation, I begin.