Two years ago I joined a weight loss group called TOPS, and acronym for Take Off Pounds Sensibly. When you reach your desired weight (set by your doctor or health person) you become a KOPS. Someone who has been able to Keep Off Pounds Sensibly. Weight has been a yo yo. I lose, I gain, and that is the story of a lot of women. Tried this diet, that diet, sure fire diet pills, all promising results, but falling short. The diet business is a multi-billion dollar business, just because we are all perennially looking for the weight leprechaun who promises the pot of gold!

Recently, I read an article on emotions and weight loss. Amazing. Maybe it’s just not my lack of will power that is my nemesis. Could it be that hidden emotions are derailing my attempts at losing weight? Am I bored, and looking for something to do, opening the refrigerator and looking for something to pop in my mouth? How many healthy snacks do I keep in my refrigerator? Not many. I’m putting food in my mouth when I am not hungry and wondering why. Could it be an emotion has triggered my rush to feed my face? Am I angry with my spouse, or hurt, or feeing neglected. Is the weather dreary and cold? How many times would a simple glass of water with a little lemon, satisfy that urge to put something in my mouth? As the king lamented in The King and I, “It’s a puzzlement!!” In looking around for a program for our group, since it was my turn to present one, I lit on the program about emotions. Learning to take a close look at what triggers the lapse in diets and weight loss programs. 99% of the time, it is our emotions.