Last fall I had laser surgery on my left eye to remove a cataract and it required a month of assorted drops afterward. My vision in that eye was restored to 20/20 and there was the joy of seeing things almost clearly again. In January I had the other eye done and have to thank Dr. Dao for an excellent job. I can drive at night again, which was hard for me before, the headlights of the oncoming cars were distracting and my depth perception was off. It’s like a whole new world. It is the most serious surgery I’ve had, other than my gall bladder, appendectomy, and tonsillectomy. The appendectomy was when I was 14 and had just returned from visiting relatives in Texas with my dad. Fortunately, there was a doctor in one of the offices in dad’s building and he got me into the hospital in record time. A day earlier would have been a disaster, crossing three states to get home.

When I was 21, and newly married, I had my tonsils out. Adults do not recoup as fast as young children and it was not a fun time! The other two surgeries were orthoscopic which is amazing. Think I’ll be good for some time to come. I’m grateful to the Lord that I am healthy for my age, still busy and active. I’ve got places to go and more books to write!