Several gals in my church are widows. We are past the age where we want to participate in any on line dating. We are basically comfortable where we are, enjoying friendships, children, and grandchildren. On Monday nights we get together and watch a movie and eat popcorn. It’s a time of easy conversation, laughter, and friendship. My time is my own and since I am in between books, I’m still exploring our city. San Diego has so many places to see and so many things to do. I’m working on my garden (pots of succulent plants that grow easily). I had lunch with a sweet friend from a former church yesterday and it was fun to catch up on family news. One of our group, Julie, was camping in the mountains last week, by herself. She put up the tent and set up her campsite. She enjoys the trees and watching the birds that come to the feeder she puts out. Another in our group was having a birthday, so some of us got together a cake, plates, etc. and drove up to her campsite (about an hour or so away) and when we got to camp, supposedly just to visit Julie, we surprised Nora (another member) with a birthday party. These are the things that make for the pleasant passage of time. The years move swiftly and this morning I called my daughter to wish her a happy 55thbirthday. Where did our children become part of the senior generation??!! She is now eligible for AARP!

Tonight, our group will gather to watch the opening rally for a political candidate. The auditorium holds 20 thousand but we learned that over 100 thousand have showed up. Should be interesting! At least Carol has the big screen and if we don’t arrive on time, she can record it. Pass the popcorn!