When back in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania visiting my agent, Joyce Hart, we took a trip to my publisher, Whitaker House, about 15 miles away. Christine Whitaker was gracious to spend almost two and a half hours, not only with a tour of the facility to meet staff, but a tour of the warehouse where product is processed and mailed out. The Christian Publishing market has caused many publishers to diversify, adding gift items and other non-book items. Family Christian Stores and Lifeway Books have closed down and the smaller Christian bookstores are closing down also. In Palatka, Florida, where my daughter lives, the Christian bookstore, “Bound for Glory,” had mostly books and a small café in the back of the store. The café is now larger than the book section, for that is where the income is. They order books for customers, but gift items and Bible related items were more prevalent. I am extremely thankful to have been offered another book contract, considering the changes in the marketplace.

At least it will keep me busy for the next six months! I understand the fine lines a Christian Editor must walk in considering authors. Perhaps if I were a new author with no track record, cost wise they might not consider me. With 12 books under my name, I now have a following and my ratings are encouraging. A recent blog tour showed very good reviews of my recent book, Hadassah, Queen Esther of Persia

The publishing world changes all the time and who knows, this contract may be the last book I write, but that is up to Whitaker House. For now, I’m enjoying the research as I delve into the life of my newest character.