When I had to put Chessie, my canine companion, down after 14 years, it was a sad day. I wondered if I would get another dog. With traveling out of town, I put the matter off, but now that my roommate has moved, the house is quiet and my thoughts turn to the prospect of getting a little furry companion. Taking Chessie to the vet in her last days was an ordeal. She weighed 45 pounds and at 81 it was no small task to get her in and out of the car! I vowed then that my next dog would have to be much smaller; a little female, a rescue dog that needs a good, loving home. In the past months I’ve paid a lot of attention to people’s dogs. Many people seem to like little white fluffy dogs, for I’ve seen a lot of them. Others like pit bulls, shepherds, and poodles. Our town has a street fair every Wednesday and that seems like a good place for dog watching. A wide variety passes by! It took me about four trips to the Pound to finally find Chessie, and she was a sweet dog and a blessing all those years. My roommate, an artist, commemorated her picture on one of my antique plates. A very good likeness! Now that the time has come that I will be home for a while, the anticipation grows. Where will I find her? How old will she be? The possibilities are endless. I want a mixed breed dog, not a high maintenance dog, just one who is as anxious to find a loving home as I am to find a special pet. My youngest son, found a black teacup poodle under his work truck one day and after catching her, took her to the vet to see what she needed. She had been on her own a long time and several rotten teeth had to be pulled. She got all her shots, was shaved to get the tangles out of her fur, and the vet said to feed her all she could eat. She was ten years old but is now filled out, perky as all get out and can’t bear to let my son out of her sight. When he went on a fishing trip for a few days, I was told she cried all day and slept on his side of the bed! Loyalty and gratitude. She knows who her rescuer is!