What a delight! I am now looking at a contract to write another book; another woman in the Old Testament. I plan on portraying her quite differently than she has been in the Bible. Many times in translations, words are misinterpreted and, like Mary Magdalene, from whom seven spirits were cast out, a character is shown in a different light. Mary was never a prostitute. The Bible never says she was. Just that Jesus cast seven spirits from her. This new character has also been portrayed as a prostitute, but in further research there is another interpretation. I won’t go into that now, but will explain in the book. At my age, I am happy to still be basically healthy, enjoying family and friends, and writing books. I think it keeps my mind active and something to look forward to each day. As I may have mentioned in an earlier blog, I do not outline, or use any other method of organizing the story. I just start writing and I see the scene before me. I pray over the difficult parts or when I am stymied, and the Holy Spirit encourages and guides my thoughts. I learned long ago to give the glory to the Lord for He is my co-author and puts a subject on my heart to write about. I’m thankful for the good reviews on my latest book, Hadassah, the Story of Queen Esther, and appreciate my readers who contact me to let me know they enjoy my stories. I try to respond to questions or particular comments as often as I can. I would appreciate your prayers as I wade into this new story, that I portray her as the Lord would have me portray her and that He will be glorified in my story.