Okay, our 2020 Christmas reunion is coming up and everyone had suggestions as to where we should go this time. A cruise, the Florida Cays, Midwest, Baja, etc. Everyone had an opinion, but objected that some ideas were too far, too costly, etc. Then we received news that decided the event. Lo and behold, my daughter Karen’s eldest son, Austin proposed to his girlfriend Marlo, and set the wedding date for September 12, 2020. Hmmm. Rethink reunion venue. My daughter and son-in-love, Joey, live on a beautiful acre at Federal Point in north Florida. They are on the St. John River with many trees. It is a beautiful spot for a wedding. So, we wondered, why not combine the two since it would be a hardship for most families to make two trips, one in September and one in December? So, we rescheduled the reunion for September. Some will come a few days early to help get ready for the wedding. Marlo has already scouted motels for her family and friends, and my youngest son, since he is super busy with his electrical contracting business, is having their 32-foot trailer towed to Florida to accommodate his family and others. Everyone is delighted with the new venue and of course it is less costly! Neighbors have offered boats and other gear, Karen and Joey have a new dock (the old one demolished by hurricanes Matthew and Irma 2 years ago) so there is fishing, swimming, and boat trips. (My daughter assures me that the alligators stay over in the channels and won’t bother anyone, however I remember a big one that lived in the wetlands next to the property!) Think I’ll leave my bathing suit at home! Karen says there are plenty of fish in the river for them to eat. I’m not convinced!!