Are you getting frustrated with passwords? Everyone wants one and I’ve tried numerous methods to remember mine. Finally made a file with a clue to the password so if someone sees my file they still wouldn’t know the password. The problem is that if I am out of town, no file and so I put clues in my address book.

A lady who helped me with my computer one day, told me an easy way to remember a password. Take any word, I’ll use the word Christmas. Then decide which letters to capitalize. I’ll use C and M. Count in the word which letters you capitalized, and add that number. So my password would be ChristMas17 because I capitalized the first and 7th letter. To make it a little stronger, add an * or # or whatever at the end. So, if I used this password, (which I don’t) it would be ChristMas17#. This made it pretty easy to remember.

There are so many no no’s in passwords, like don’t use birthdays or anniversaries, or your kids names. So, you can pick any word that appeals to you, capitalize 2 letters, count which letters you capitalize and add that number to the end of the word with a symbol. Little by little I’m switching over various passwords to just 2 so I can remember them, even if I’m in another city or state. Since I’ve been crawling into the electronic age on my hands and knees, I do get frustrated with simple commands. Most of my kids and grandkids are whizzes when it comes to the computer (my daughter’s oldest is an IT par excellent) but none of them live nearby to help Grandma out when she is baffled. It took me a half an hour to arrange for a gift on a gift site for a baby shower! Well, since I work on my computer all the time, I have had to tackle frustrating elements, but at least I’ve mastered the art of selecting a password!!