I have a communications system that gives me 140+ channels. Wonderful! I watch two of them! There are so many other things to do. I have two neighbors who don’t even have a TV set. As to mine, it is there so in the evenings, I watch TV. Some nights I feel like I am marking time. I have a drawer full of “story starts” and my biography proposal to get finished and send to my agent. My early years had a lot to do with the occult – my mother into many things, and my grandmother a member of a cult for 40 years! It’s not just a nice book about my life, it’s a warning to those dabbling in areas that are dangerous. The name of the book is: A Shadow Following.

I also need to prepare for Talent Night at our church. Lots of music, I read poetry last year. This year I am sharing an original song the Lord gave me called “When You Look at Me.” I need to find someone to accompany me since I do not read or write music or play an instrument! How did you write the song you ask? Well, there is a young man at the nearby college who takes my basic notes and feeds all the info into the music program on his computer, and voilà, I have sheet music. Will wonders never cease! When my musical friend and I wrote the Easter Cantata, “Glorious,” I sang the melodies to the songs into a tape recorder and she worked on the song during the week. We got together every Friday for two years, and eventually got not only the songs done, but she wrote a prelude and all the orchestration for nine instruments! Why am I telling you this? Because one should never tell God you cannot do something when He has called you to do it!