Recently I did a program for my TOPS group (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) on clutter. It’s amazing what we keep. I asked how many could not park cars in their garage due to the amount of stuff stored there. Several hands went up. How do we decide what is clutter? If we haven’t used it, worn it, looked at it in a year or two, donate to your local thrift shop! We save family items, knowing that our kids don’t want most of it. After my husband died, I got out boxes of pictures and went through them. Where was this mountain? Who were these people? I figured that if I didn’t know, my kids wouldn’t know and would toss the picture. I lined up four boxes, one for my daughter, Karen, one for sons Steve and Brett, and one for son Mike. I sorted the pictures according to which family they pertained to and filled the boxes. Anything I couldn’t identify went into the trash. I then sealed the boxes, addressed them to the kids and mailed them off! When I put on a blouse or other item of clothing and find myself removing it to choose another item, it goes in the thrift box in the garage. Knick knacks that were picked up at estate sales or garage sales that have no sentimental meaning, go into the box, too. Over a period of two years I have gone through the house systematically and remembering I cannot take it with me when the Lord calls me home, toss it without a backwards glance. It is very freeing! Too many items in the house makes it difficult to dust, and that dust is in the air. It can cause respiratory problems according to one source! Too much clutter can cause us to feel anxious and irritable! Send family heirlooms to family that want them (you’d be surprised at who doesn’t) or donate them for someone else to enjoy. When my husband and I moved back to San Diego from northern California where I had a used bookshop and coffee house, I had a big sale, donated 2,500 books to the local library and moved to San Diego with 650 books I thought I couldn’t part with. Believe me, I have parted with most of them over the years. Walk through the house and if you see something you think should go, and hesitate about tossing it, it is clutter! It’s amazing what we can do without.