Okay, it’s that time again. We get pencil and paper and write down the things we are going to resolve to do in the New Year. Right!! How many last through the month of January or even the first week of January! My biggest foe is sugar. I love cookies, fudge and all the goodies that contain sugar. I’m told sugar stays in our brains and can cause diabetes, arthritis, and other things that our body comes up with in protest of the junk we feed it. I belong to a weight loss group called TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) which I may have mentioned. The goal is to reach the weight you and your doctors have agreed is best for you. When you reach that goal, you become a KOPS, one who has KEPT OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY. I got within 6 pounds of my goal and sabotaged myself with, you guessed it, SUGAR!!!!

Maybe I need to put a picture of me at my present weight on the fridge as a reminder of why I am doing this! I lost 17 pounds once and can do it again I remind myself. As January approaches and I face my 82nd birthday, I realize that if I don’t take care of myself, my kids are going to have to. Is that enough incentive to get with the program? It better be. So far I have no debilitating disease; I’m not in a wheelchair or walker. Don’t have to use a cane. I take no prescriptions except for a low thyroid, and am seldom sick. I am still driving and can go where I wish. If I don’t take control and watch what I eat, the things I dread could be around the corner. Sugar can be as addicting as alcohol or drugs. My only recourse was to put this in the hands of my Lord and Savior who can handle it much better than I can and keep my eyes on my goal. Good health!!