A new year and trusting God for what He has for me. A new book, Rahab, Woman of Jericho is in production and will come out this summer from Whitaker House. Every time I finish a book, I think it will be my last. Then the Lord puts another woman of the Bible on my heart! Actually, I love writing! I love researching the character and letting the story unfold. Whether my publisher is ready for another story, I don’t know. I’ll put a proposal together in the coming weeks and see where it takes me. Maybe I’ll be like Grandma Moses, plodding away at another story into my 90s! Don’t think so, but if the Lord opens the door, I’ll follow His lead!

This coming year will be exciting. My friend Carol and I are planning to go to Kentucky to see the Ark! Built to the specifications in the Bible, it is over two football fields long and five stories high! Another friend, Liz, and her husband Mike stopped there on their vacation and were awed by its size and all it contained. The next trip after that is to Florida again in October to enjoy the wedding of my daughter’s oldest son, Austin and his fiancé Marlo. We are combining it with our family reunion so there is a lot of planning to do. My daughter says she will get through Christmas and then in the new year she’ll start tackling all that needs to be done. The wedding and reunion will take place at their beautiful home on the St. John River with trees full of moss, a beautiful setting for a wedding. They have plenty of acreage nearby to house the motor homes and cars. Should be an exciting event. Our last reunion was in Utah outside Zion National Park, seventeen degrees and snow. Two miles up a winding road to the cabin requiring chains. It was decided that the next reunion would be more accessible and most important, warmer!