At the retreat I attended in November, we had a quiet time set aside to spend with the Lord and see what he would speak to our hearts about. I had been looking back at situations in my life: Money that was not spent well due to wrong advice, houses that have come and gone, and other situations I was unhappy about. Also, with a book completed, I was seeking direction. Many times the Lord speaks to me through poetry and this is what He gave me:


Letting Go

Slipping softy down my face
Flow evidence of healing grace,
That washes darkness from my heart
And shadows that You bid depart.
How can I weep for troubles past
When loving arms still hold me fast?
Oh, Love that will not let me go,
Enfold me in the Spirit’s flow,
And cleansed, I feel my heart break free
To hear Your voice,
“Come, dance with me.”

Diana Wallis Taylor 11/19